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Google: X X X X X X X X X X Verified SMS X X X Spam Protection X X X X X X X X X

GoogleΗ Google announced two new ones yesterday updates for application exchange of messages Messages (default SMS application on operating system Android).

Android users located in the US and some others countries now have access to two new useful features called Verified SMS and spam Protection.

Verified SMS

The first feature, Verified SMS, helps them users to verify the identity of the sender of an SMS.

"When a message is verified - it is done without sending the messages to Google - you will see it company name and logo as well as one verification signal in the message thread, "said a Google developer working on the Messages application.

The new function will be used only to verify the authenticity of messages coming from businesses. A message from a regular user will not be verified.

Google said it wanted to create such a feature to help users control their messages and be sure where they came from.

The Android OS manufacturer did not provide more details on exactly how Verified SMS works, but stressed that will help detect SMS messages sent by random numbers and not related to any company. Therefore, the new function can help prevent some Phishing attacks.

The countries where Verified SMS is available are: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Philippines.

Spam Protection (Detection)

The second new feature built into the Messages application is spam Protection. How does this feature work? One appears notification bar at the top of the application, when Spam Protection believes that a message received contains the features of a classic SMS spam message.

As in the case of Verified SMS, Google stated that Spam Protection does not need to send user messages to servers Google to check. It can work by keeping users' conversations private.

You can find instructions on how to enable Spam Protection at support page of Google.

According to Google, this feature was already available in several countries, but all US users can use it from yesterday.

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