Homesecurity455,000 Turkish payment cards are sold online

455,000 Turkish payment cards are sold online

cardsAccording information, Turkish citizens 455.000 payment cards are located at Internet for sale.

The company's researchers Group-IB reported that payment cards were found exposed to Joker's Stash, the biggest online courses card shop.

Card details were published in four "batches" between 28 October and 27 November. This is the biggest theft and πώληση payment cards of recent years.

"Cards from Turkey are very rare in such stores," said Group-IB. “In the last 12 months, it is the only major sale of payment cards related to Turkish banks ”.

Group-IB, which has been monitoring the case since October, estimated that all cards will be sold to hackers earnings above $ 500.000.

According to the researchers, the exposed cards are so debit as well as credit and come from various Turkish banks.

The wide variety of card types and different banks prove that data they were stolen differently and not by infringement of a bank's system.

“All credit and debit cards in this database contained the following information: expiration date, CVV / CVC, cardholder name as well as some additional information such as e-mail, name and phone number ”, said a senior IB Group official.

Having information available, such as emails and phone numbers, means the details of the cards they were not stolen by skimming Appliances that are installed on ATMs or PoS devices.

The company believes there are three possible sources: (1) Phishing sites where users have submitted their personal and financial information, (2) malicious software that steals data from browsers of victims or (3) JavaScript-based skimmers who stole the data from an online store in which the users had entered their details.

Researchers believe that the third option is the most likely.

"The source of this leak remains unknown," the company said.

Group-IB informed the Turkish authorities to investigate the case and take appropriate action.

This is the second largest payment card sale that Group-IB discovered this year. In October, h company had discovered that items of 1,3 million Indian cards were also for sale on Joker's Stash.

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