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Google Maps 'Incognito mode' is also enabled for iPhone


The known feature of Chrome, which keeps browsing anonymously, named Incognito, is now coming to more of its users Google Map.

Specifically, since Monday users iPhone devices have the ability to use its navigation application Google, no longer worrying that their activity may be monitored. The users Android have been able to do so since October.

Now that Incognito is also available at iOS, users will be able to choose how much of their information is stored about the places they've searched for or been directed to. To enable incognito mode, simply click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the app, where you can turn the feature on and off.

The new Incognito option for Google Maps was introduced by Google last May at the company's I / O conference. When disabled, h application will remove any personalization, such as restaurant recommendations, based on other places you've visited. Also, your location history will be deleted, so you won't be able to find the places you've been.

Another feature that will also be coming soon is the ability to bulk delete on Timeline. For those who aren't aware, Timeline uses your Location History to display a map with locations that you have found. You will find it in the icon with the three parallel lines to the left of the search bar. If you have the site turned off when you are not using the application, your Timeline will display "No sites found". However, if you have it enabled, you will now be able to delete some or all of the sites you visited instead of doing it for each one separately.

Like most Google tools, this feature will be released for Android users next year. At some point, of course, it will become available to iPhone users.

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