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BOX: OTE Group's new online ordering service

The BOX, a new service online ordering food and coffee brings it OTE Group, allowing consumers to choose from one wide variety in flavors and cuisines. The BOX stands out, because through it BOX Whatsapp (Android, iOS) and www.box.gr, for the first time consumers can create their own staff "Tasty" profile, according to their preferences and needs, but also plan their delivery time and location (scheduled ordering). At uniquely advantages BOX also includes the ability for users to earn points every time they use the service for their order, redeeming them in a next order to discounts, In packages MB from COSMOTE or gift certificates from well-known companies.

Its customers BOX can order food or coffee at more than 3.000 stores nationwide. The service is constantly enriched with new stores covering new areas throughout Greece and with collaborations with large food chains.


Its capabilities BOX and the benefits for users 

Through BOX, consumers can order their favorite food or coffee, easily and quickly, enjoying unique benefits such as:

  • Rewards: With every order from BOX, leaving a review, paying by card and inviting friends to use BOX, the user gains points, which he can redeem in offers, MBs and gift vouchers. Each time the app opens, the consumer sees how many points he or she has earned.
  • Taste Profile: The user can create their own "tasty" profile, based on their preferences in cuisines and flavors (eg hot, vegetarian). In this way he discovers the shops that have food and drinks that really suit his tastes.
  • Scheduled delivery time: BOX user can choose the exact delivery time of his order.
  • Dish / Shop Review: In addition to evaluating a store, users can review specific dishes as well as recommend dishes and shops only to their friends.


"With a fresh look and easy-to-use interface, focusing on personalized customer search, variety of choices and constant rewarding, BOX comes to upgrade the consumer experience and redefine their online food delivery habits. At OTE Group, looking ahead and with the help of technology, we design and deliver services with new capabilities and smart solutions to make our customers' day-to-day better and easier."He said Panagiotis Gavrielidis, Chief Marketing Officer Consumer Segment of OTE Group.

At BOX, designed and implemented in collaboration with the company Desquared, consumers will find all the available restaurants and cafes in their area, the menu of the store they are interested in, information on delivery time and the cost of their order. OR payment can be done either with cash at the distributor or by using a card (credit/debit) on the site & the app upon completion of the order.