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15 basic extensions you need for your browser


Either you use it Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or even Tor or the Brave, to browse the Internet, there are some extensions you can add to get more features and be more productive.

Extensions to get your work done

Pocket: Instead of sending articles you need to e-mail or have multiple tabs open, click the Pocket icon and save the site to the Pocket Links Collection so you can quickly and easily find the links you want.

Clipboard History Pro: We copy, cut and paste too many things daily, but only the last thing we copy remains on the digital clipboard. This extension saves all your copies so you don't lose any. You can even search for keywords if you need something you copied weeks ago.

Pomodoro Extensions: The Pomodoro Technique helps you stay focused on your job, offering you 25 minutes, with the timer built into the extension.

Extensions for privacy protection


AdBlocker and Adblock Plus: These extensions are designed to block pop-ups and other ads that appear on websites. You can add to the list of posts you wish to display, and make adjustments to avoid tracking your online activity.

ublock Origin: An open source version of other add blockers.

Privacy Badger: This extension helps users block ads and tracking cookies.

LastPass: LastPass is a browser password manager that once you log in with the master password, it fills in all the other passwords and login information every time you need to log in to a site or service.

Extensions for convenience


Wayback Machine: This extension gives you a taste of the past. Click the extension while on a site and see previous versions of the same site.

Google Translate: If you are using the application Google Translate, then you'll surely appreciate this extension for your Web browsing. Highlight the segments of the text you want and the extension will display the translation.

Honey: This extension finds online coupons for online shopping sites that you visit frequently. They will appear when you check-out.

Extensions for fun


Cloud to Butt: Wherever you see the word “in cloud”On a site, the extension turns it into a“ butt ”!

Netflix Hangouts: If you want to watch Netflix in your work, make it look like you're holding a conference call with this extension!

Just Not Sorry: This extension removes inappropriate or unnecessary words from Gmail emails. The browser adds a wavy line each time you use such words in a message.

News Feed Eradicator: Instead of your Facebook newsfeed being full of meaningless updates, this extension offers you a refreshing quote about the importance of not wasting your time unnecessarily.


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