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SKYWORTH: Its new AI TVs connect to all your smart devices

televisionsNowadays, televisions have evolved a lot. Most new televisions are owned by smart Appliances. They are connected to the internet, they allow us to watch programs on Netflix and YouTube, and some even run on Android.

However, the Chinese company SKYWORTH wants to take televisions to a higher level. OR company introduced its last two products in the Philippines, the XA9000 4K OLED TV and UB7500 4K LED TV.

The two new devices are not the typical smart TVs. These televisions use Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT). They also have some very interesting features.

Initially, they have all the benefits we expect from a premium television.

UB7500 supports Dolby Vision, while XA9000 integrates with technology Pure HDR, which offer more "live content".

SKYWORTH has also included a camera called a smart TV Chameleon Extreme and improves the image. Specifically, it uses AI technology to detect, recognize and recreate individual images. The goal is to provide the best possible image quality.

In terms of sound, both models support Dolby Audio, which delivers a perfect audiovisual experience.

Last edition Android TV

Both new SKYWORTH TVs are powered by Android TV (9.0 and 8.0, respectively) and are equipped with powerful processors. This combination is very important because it allows you to play games and download applications from the Google Play Store.

The amazing thing with these televisions is that you can connect any other smart device to them. They act as personal assistants managing all your other connected devices under one ecosystem. And all of this is due to AIoT.

All the connected devices can be activated with a TV command.

But it's not just smart TVs. It is also tasteful. They have a beautiful, minimal design, with an extremely slim frame.


Smart TVs can be vulnerable to hacking attacks, after logging on to Internet. Samsung Tizen TV has been the victim of hacking attack. The attackers were able to gain access to all the devices in the same unit network with the television.

A SKYWORTH spokeswoman said that company has invested heavily in safety and works with Google to combat such issues.

Through our partnership with Google, SKYWORTH TVs automatically download the latest patches to address potential vulnerabilities or threats.

The XA9000 model is available in two sizes (55 and 65 inches), while the UB7500 has more options (43, 50, 55 and 65 inches).

Both smart TVs are available for purchase in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.


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