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Error in Google Play Store affecting search functionality

Over the past two months, Google has introduced several new features to the Play Store. The Play Store recently received a new dark mode on Android 10, one-tap buttons to unsubscribe from Betas, clear wishlists etc. and we've even seen tips for an upcoming incognito mode.

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But as Google rolls out more and more new features, there is a major bug in the Google Play Store that remains undetermined. This error affects the Play Store search functionality and does not display recently added applications, even when using the correct keywords.

According to a recent report by Android Authority, the bug does not allow you to find specific apps and games in the Google Play Store. Apps, although officially released, do not appear in search results even when you type in the full name. For example, the search for 'Deliver The Duck' only shows relevant results and not the official one Whatsapp of the game. The game does not appear even if you search with the full title 'Deliver The Duck Water Game'. However, for some strange reason, the game appears if you search for 'Deliver_The_Duck'.

The bug has been reported by several developers on both the Google Play Help Forum and Google Tracker.

So far, the cause of the error has not been clarified but Google may be hiding these search results for its own reasons. However, the fact that you can find them applications Modifying the search keyword slightly leads us to conclude that the issue may be the result of some recent changes to the search algorithm. Although Google has not published an official statement on the subject, a comment on Issue Tracker reveals that the issue has already escalated to the development team.


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