HomesecurityChina bans foreign software and hardware

China bans foreign software and hardware

ChinaΗ China ordered all foreigners to be replaced PC hardware and operating systems over the next three years, "Setting fire" to the global technological war that has begun long ago. The country has previously mentioned its plans to block foreign technological equipment, but now it seems determined to isolate and escape the influence of Western technology.

According to the newspaper Financial Times, this command had been discussed by the Chinese government a few months ago. China's goal is not to exclude Americans and Europeans software and operating systems, but also hardware. The Chinese government believes that the country can replace them with its own products.

China has also previously banned some Western products as it considered them to be related to specific security issues. Five years ago, h country had tried to stop his support Android and Windows, but her efforts were unsuccessful.

But this time, things are different. The relationship between them USA and China is particularly tense, especially in the tech world. The US has already banned cooperation between US companies and large Chinese companies such as ZTE and Huawei.

Therefore, China's order to replace foreign equipment is not surprising. The initial goal is to replace 30% of computers and software by the end of 2020. The remaining 50% should be replaced by 2021 and the remaining 20% by 2022.

The three-year plan "3-5-2" is quite ambitious. Tens of millions Appliances should be replaced, but this is not very easy. The hardware and software should be Chinese-made, so Intel and AMD processors are left out, as are Nvidia's GPUs, ARM architectures, processors image and more.

However, China has prepared and believes it can do it. The Chinese technological companies are prepared for this possibility. The Chinese government has made it clear that it is no longer dependent on US companies.

Of course, Chinese products that are going to replace Windows and Android do not have the maturity and support of developers needed for a smooth and no-replacement replacement. Also, the exclusion of foreign products may weaken other important efforts, such as the country's rise in AI.

More details on China's plan are not yet available. But more information will certainly be revealed.

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