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Home security BMW and Hyundai were hacked by Vietnamese hackers

BMW and Hyundai were hacked by Vietnamese hackers

BMWIn recent days German media have released a news according to which some hackers, that are related to government of Vietnam, they violated networks two large car manufacturing companies. These Companies is BMW and Hyundai.

According to the report released, the branch network of one BMW was violated at some point on spring.

It seems that the Vietnamese hackers installed one penetration testing toolkit, with the name Cobalt Strike, to the infected computers, which they used as backdoor to acquire access on the network.

BMW later understood the breach, but is said to have let the hackers stay on its network and monitored their every move. Eventually, it stopped access a few days ago at the end of November.

German media reported that the hackers themselves also violated the systems of Hyundai, but they didn't give more information for this attack.

Neither company (BMW and Hyundai) commented on the report, published by the German media.

Connect with APT32

The report states that the hacking team behind them attacks at BMW and Hyundai is a team that often targets businesses in the field of automotive.

The group is known as Ocean Lotus or APT32 and many researchers believe they are working with her Government of Vietnam.

The hacker attacks started on 2014. Initially, the group targeted foreign companies operating in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. But since 2017, the team has been targeting the automotive sector.

APT32 has been linked to an attack on Toyota Australia. Weeks after, h Toyota Japan and Toyota Vietnam revealed similar violations on their networks.

Many researchers believe that Vietnamese government uses hacking teams for 'financial espionage' to foreign companies in order to steal trade and other secrets and use them to its advantage.

China has done this in the past in an effort to improve its domestic airline companies. Now, experts believe that Vietnam is doing the same to improve the newly established car company, VinFast, which launched its first cars this year.


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