HomesecurityA Dutch politician hacked iCloud accounts and leaked nude photos of women

A Dutch politician hacked iCloud accounts and leaked nude photos of women

naked photosDutch prosecutors they imposed a penalty imprisonment three years in a country politician. The reason is that the Dutch politician was involved in hacking activities. Specifically, violated iCloud personal accounts 100 women, stole data and then uploaded to Internet nude photos and videos with sexual content.

They were among the victims various celebrities of the country, such as the famous YouTuber Laura Ponticorvo and hockey player Fatima Moreira de Melo.

Member of 'TheFappening'

The hacker probably belongs to Celebgate movement (TheFappening), which launched 2014 when a group hackers began to leak nude photos and sex tapes of Hollywood celebrities.

The Dutch politician probably joined the movement at 2015 when he worked as a copywriter in his hometown of Almere.

How has it violated iCloud accounts?

According to the authorities, the politician-hacker use stolen credentials, found in leaked databases. She gained access to women's accounts and began looking for nude photos and more sexual content. He then uploaded this content online.

The hacker's discovery came after sex tape and nude photos uploaded in May by 2017 owned by YouTuber Laura Ponticorvo. The incident caused a great deal worry in the Dutch media, so the investigation started.

The Dutch authorities discovered the hacker and arrested him.

The name of the politician-hacker (as he leaked to the press) is Mitchel van der K. and was a member of the Dutch VVD party.

Ο hacker says he was forced to hack victims' accounts

Van der K. has never denied the allegations. He publicly admitted that he had breached the accounts and leaked nude photos and another sexual one content. In his defense, however, he stated that other hackers forced him to perform the hack, as they were threatening him how, if he didn't, he would be exposing data from his personal accounts.

However, the Dutch prosecutors were not convinced by his explanations.

The final decision for penalty its coming out on 24 December. The original decision of the Dutch prosecutors is three years in prison.

2017, some Dutch media had reported that police had found nude photos of his minor niece on van der K.'s computer, but Dutch authorities they didn't accuse him of child pornography, which means they were rumors.

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