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China is now demanding a face scan for new SIMs


As it has been heard in recent days, h China will scan the faces of its citizens before issuing a new one mobile or a new SIM card.

This new rule was introduced by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and it was first announced in September.

This rule has been drafted to ensure it safety and the interests of the citizens of the country.

In case you are not aware, China requires its citizens to submit their national IDs when they want to buy a new mobile phone or a new SIM card.

The new rule is already in place in the country.

What are the implications of the new rule?

Submitting a recognized certificate in combination with a face scan will ensure that no fraud is committed against anyone else. There will be fewer unknown users and the Chinese government will be able to locate a user faster.

Of course, this process raises security concerns personal data of the citizens, since the government is going to have a lot of sensitive ones information. It is also not yet clear whether the data Citizens' faces will be deleted or retained after the scan process is complete.

This is not the first time China has used face recognition technology. The country is known to use the word technology for various purposes, such as monitoring through CCTV.

The country has also set up a similar system for detecting human emotions, mainly to detect suspects.

Following the steps of China, h India is also planning to set up a face recognition system for police purposes. This will be done by developing a central repository of data to be monitored.

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