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Find out how much damage your SSD drive has to Windows 10

If you buy a computer today, you are more likely to equip it with an SSD drive. These new drives are much faster than classic hard drives.

The SSD though, are more expensive and have the disadvantage of crashing unexpectedly. If you own one, you should take care of its status and there are several tools on the internet that you can use to do it.

Many of them tools available to control the health of an SSD (Solid State Drive) will give you a simple diagnosis, for example, your disk is in good condition or is OK, or something else. Your tool may be able to give you the actual deterioration indicator of your unit, probably not. If you can't see the deterioration mark on your disk with simple third-party tools, you can take some extra steps.

When a third-party application fails to read critical information about an SSD, it is likely that it is with the disk manufacturer who has locked that information. Fortunately, most Solid State Drive makers provide their own, free applications for controlling disk health, and these are the ones to use.

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Check out the three most popular Solid State Drive manufacturers below and their respective programs. If, however, you have an SSD from a different manufacturer, check out its website for available software that may provide it.

The application in question should be able to show you the deterioration and give you more details about the health of your unit than a third-party application. It is also a good idea to have the application on your system, in any case.

These applications are specific to each SSD brand. That is, the Samsung Magician application will not be able to do much if you have a corresponding Kingston disk. It may be able to perform some tests but may not be accurate.

We should also warn you that if you try to run a very hard test on an SSD from a third-party application, you may void your warranty. Only be careful and perform endurance tests only if absolutely necessary.

Diagnostics should be enough to tell you if your Solid State Drive is healthy or not. Even if it is, don't stop checking it regularly. At the very least, make sure your important data is backed up so you won't lose it in case of disk failure.

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