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UK: Acquisition of Looker by Google - Reduces Competition?

competitionΗ government has announced that it is investigating the acquisition of technology company Looker by Google. According to the government, this move raises concerns because with the acquisition of the company, η Google benefits and reduces competition in the field of cloud computing.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian had announced in June his intention to acquire Looker. The purpose of this agreement was to reduce the gap with services Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure which have a large market share.

The UK is in a weird situation because of Brexit. However, it follows European Union competition law, which Google has repeatedly violated. Alphabet Inc. has received fines of 9 billion from the European Union over the last two years for various services. Now, the EU is launching a Google search, specifically a Chrome browser and data collection.

But the cloud data analytics and computing data of the browser it's not the same thing.

The belief that Google's acquisition of Looker diminishes competition may not be true.

Microsoft has the Power BI product and the cloud service they serve as tools to attract new Azure customers, although technically at least not part of Azure. AWS, on the other hand, with QuickSight BI and cloud services such as Elastic MapReduce, Redshift, and the old S3 are also strong market players.

Salesforce also announced in June that it wants to acquire Tableau. The takeover process was completed in August. This is another company that is doing very well.

Without Looker, Google's only BI product would be Data Studio product, which is more of a data visualization / presentation service that enhances platform G Suite.

Therefore, Google needs Looker, not to reduce competition, as the UK Government claims, but to strengthen. AWS and Azure need this pressure and competition to bring even more innovation and not to rest.

The Competition Authority requested formal written comment "from any interested party" by December 20. Since only 3 weeks are given for comment, the research will probably be completed soon. The English government's demand for research shows how critical the analysis is data and BI products in in cloud computing market.


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