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Home security Smart TVs: The FBI warns of security issues

Smart TVs: The FBI warns of security issues

Smart TVsThinking of buying a "smart" TV? The FBI wants to know some things. Smart TVs are just like regular TVs, except that linked to Internet. Many people want such a television so they can watch their favorites programs on Netflix, Hulu and other popular streaming services. But, the ability to connect to the Internet is at risk. Smart TVs are vulnerable to vulnerabilities and hackers. In the meantime most smart TVs have camera and microphone, namely the other two possible entries for hackers. The downside is that manufacturers do not attach much importance to safety.

That's why FBI decided to post a warning on his site to inform them users about the dangers associated with smart TVs.

“Apart from the risk of being heard and watched by your TV maker and application developers, this TV can also be gateway for hackers to home your", wrote the FBI.

The FBI says hackers can exploit vulnerable smart TVs and, at worst, take control of the camera and microphone to monitor and listen to users.

Attacks on smart TVs are rare, but not unlikely. Every smart TV comes with the manufacturer's software, which means users are at the mercy of the company's often unreliable patcing plan. Therefore, some Appliances are more vulnerable than others.

The biggest concern about smart TVs is the personal collection data and monitoring of users.

The Washington Post had long ago reported that many smart TV manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG, collect a huge amount of information about programs that users are tracking and promoting to advertising agencies, which can then show targeted ads to users.

A few years ago, Vizio received a $ 2,2 million fine after being accused of stealing data collection. customers.

The FBI propose users to stick a black film on camera of television, if they don't use it. He also stresses that smart TVs need to be updated with the latest patchesin order to stay safe. Finally, users they must read the privacy policy well, to fully understand what their smart TV can do.


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