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A man was convicted of operating a site that sold Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan

TrojanRecently, the police conducted an investigation into one website, who was selling one hacking tool to cybercriminals. The tool was purchased from hackers in 124 countries. The site administrator was a man from the city of St Helens, England, who was arrested and convicted. The business investigating the case was one international effort. It started when it was discovered that about 14.500 people around the world had bought it Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan (IM RAT) from for just $ 25.

After successfully installing on the victim's system, the Trojan allows the attackers to acquire access on the infected device, to disable anti-virus software, to steal data ή codes access, record keystrokes and track them victims through their webcams.

As we said above, business has been a collective effort by many states. OR research it was mainly made in nine countries and targeted vendors and users of the tool.

More than 20 search warrants have been issued for Trojan users across the UK, Manchester, Merseyside, Milton Keynes, Hull, London, Leeds, Walsall, Lancashire, Nottingham, Surrey, Essex and in Somerset.

Eventually, 14 individuals were arrested and interrogated.

Among those arrested was an 27-old man who used the Trojan and committed three offenses.

A lot of research has been done in the rest of Europe as well.

The Australian police it shut down the site this morning so Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan is no longer available.

Phil Larratt, of the British NCA, who participated in the world businessHe said: "Through our cooperation with other international and European agencies, we have been able to remove a site that distributes malware and facilitates hacking attacks."

"The Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan was used by individuals and organized crime groups in the United Kingdom to commit a series of offenses, such as theft, money laundering and other illegal activities."

"The cybercriminals who bought this Trojan for just 25 dollars were able to commit serious crimes, violating the privacy of unsuspecting victims and stealing sensitive data, ”he said.

Andy Milligan, of the NWROCU service, who also participated in the Trojan site research, said: “It was a complex and difficult research. There was support from many agencies, such as NCA, Europol and Eurojust ”.

Ours security suggest users to protect their devices, ensuring that their operating systems are always up-to-date, using anti-virus software, avoiding opening links or attachments from suspicious or unknown sources, etc. More tips can be found here


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