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What are the best gifts for your non-techie friends?

giftsIt is known that we live in digital time. However, not all people are familiar or 'glued' to technology. There are some technological ones products, which can also make these people change their mind. Below, you can see some very interesting gifts for your non-techie friends.


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This device is ideal for people who are often left out battery. They can have it continuously with them and charge them Appliances their. The Jackery Explorer 500 contains tremendous power 518Wh.

It has three doors USB and 500 Watt AC power output. It can be recharged by power or via the Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panel.

AMOTON ECHO DOT with built-in clock

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This is a very useful one device, which can be used by anyone, even non-techies. It has many features such as playback music, audiobooks, reading news and more. But beyond that, it has one built-in very nice and stylish watch.


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These are one of the best gifts you could get to a friend of yours. It is ideal especially for those who already use it iPhones, iPads and Macs. It's small, discreet, but it gives access in Apple's huge entertainment and apps ecosystem.



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Backblaze is one strong and reliable tool that creates copies security of the important data of users. Many users, especially non-techies (who are not very tech-savvy) do not pay much attention to securing their data. This tool is ideal for those people who are bored or do not want to deal with this important process.


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NEST PROTECT is one of the most useful gifts you could get to a friend. He is one "Guard" watching over your home and has its "digital eyes and ears" open to detect fire, smoke or carbon monoxide.

It's fast and easy to get to installation and very useful.


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Nowadays, many people prefer to they read books and other digital publications. In this area, the best choice is the Kindle Paperwhite. OR battery it lasts many hours, it has great capacity and the most interesting? They are waterproof, so you can even read in the bathtub or the pool!


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The Drones it is also one of the most interesting gifts one could get. It is ideal for a photographer or filmmaker as it offers many possibilities. It's easy to use and the photos and videos recorded by DJI MAVIC MINI are just amazing.


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This is probably the best power bank for a non-techie. For what reason; Because you can almost charge your devices any cable- MicroUSB, USB-C, even Lightning connector. This feature combined with the easy digital display and 20000mAh make it an ideal power bank.

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