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Home security Scam of many Greek stars with bitcoin!

Scam of many Greek stars with bitcoin!


The largest rack in recent years has been set up lately on websites with savvy savers and victims besides ordinary citizens, branded stars and big businessmen.

It is worth pointing out in this case that despite the fact that the cab was unraveled, the brains were not killed. On the contrary, they continue their activity undisturbed and treasure at the expense of dozens of brand names, who of course are unknowingly interfering. Successful personalities such as Eleni Menegaki, Spyros Latsis and Katerina Karavatou are presented by internet savvy as one of the Greek surnames who in a few minutes managed to multiply their money by using bitcoin. Then they are shown to motivate viewers, through television, to join bitcoin too to make millions!

In fact, in the same cabin are the SKAI, ALPHA, STAR and ERT television stations and powerful persons like Yannis Stournaras. Still, the same texts refer to the names of well-known journalists who allegedly urge the world to exemplify their own success story and invest their money in the bitcoin system for the ultimate purpose of multiplying it.

Branded ... victims

Eleni Menegaki is probably the biggest television brand in Greece for many years and for some powerful names to build the big cabin on it. The clever ones, having created a site - a copy of the Dawn site with the same name and design - are trying to persuade people that it is being updated by the well-known newspaper's website, making the large cabin they have built attractive and convincing.

There, then, is hosted the supposedly great revelation and the ... secret of Eleni Menegaki! According to the title of the article, the famous presenter reveals how she has multiplied her money and then shares the trick with the world, so that every Greek can become rich! In the same article, the name of the Municipality of Verkios is also confused, since its author writes that, according to ... well-known journalist, bitcoin could give the Greek middle class a great financial power.

The… big revelation, then, begins with the televised chat between the Municipality of Verkio and Eleni Menegakis, during which the latter, as is typically reported, 'shocked everyone by announcing that he had played an important role in the launch of a trading platform for cryptocurrencies. to help middle-class families earn extra income as part of a new economic initiative by the country's leading entrepreneurs. "

The clever ones created a site-copy of the Dawn site, with the same name and design to make the rope they have set up convincing, including Eleni Menegaki's name.

Eleni Menegaki, however, was not alone in this, but she also expressed her enthusiasm for the profits that bitcoin brings: “We are excited about the scale of success we have had since we started. Hundreds of Greek families have already managed to move into new homes and buy new cars thanks to our efforts, "said Eleni Menegaki in the Municipality of Verkio, according to the scam website.

The false post

Dialogue ... a fairy tale

Indeed, as one reads the text, the more ... the fairy tale acquires more ... dragons! The article says that the presenter in her live television meeting in Alpha's newsletter with the journalist convinced him to deposit 250 € on the bitcoin platform. In fact, the money in just three minutes had increased to 483 €, with the Municipality of Verkio announcing that it would now invest in this platform!

Blackburn Stournara and Dawn reporter

However, a strong story becomes even stronger when you put other recognizable faces in the lead. This seems to have been thought by the brains of the scam, so the name of John Stournaras is also included in the text to make their story even more believable. According to the author-scriptwriter, the Bank of Greece's governor acknowledged that the ... revelation of the well-known presenter is damaging the banks, but said Greeks can make up to ... and millions through Bitcoin.

It is worth mentioning that in the name of the author of the article, the skeptics refer to that of the well-known journalist of Dawn Andreas Petropoulos.

Spiros Latsis in the nets of the skeptics

Spyros Latsis was not spared from the online scam nets. The shipowner, along with the former surnames, also appears to urge people to bet on the same system, according to a related article. As they write, Spyros Latsis interviewed SKAI and Eve Antonopoulou, and here it seems that besides the scammers, the people who built the bay are also careless, as they used a photo of Sia Kosiani in the main photo.

However, Spiros Latsis appears to declare: "What has led me to success is that I quickly grab new opportunities - without any hesitation. And now, my number one broker is a new crypto slot machine called Big Money Rush »

And science fiction writer-screenwriter continues to convey… Spyros Latsis's statements on television: “It's the biggest single opportunity I've ever had in my life to quickly make a small fortune. I urge you all to check it before the banks shut down. " In fact, Eva Antonopoulou refused to believe the very simple trick of getting rich. All this "as he watched how much money had already been deposited into viewers' personal bank accounts through this new money-making program that everyone in Greece is now whispering to," according to the text.

The list is not over: Katerina Karavatou

One of the victims of the cabin is her favorite presenter, Katerina Karavatou. Whatever the presenter knows about the big scam, and Star has just released a statement clarifying that its presenters have nothing to do with the cabin.

The wonder is how the bailiffs act for so long, but also for how much they will still enrich themselves at the expense of such trustworthy citizens, taking advantage of the impoverishment of the crisis as well as of famous people and businessmen.




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