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Home inet Europe has just "run out" of new IPv4 addresses!

Europe has just been "swept away" by new IPv4 addresses!

The organization responsible for youth distribution IP addresses across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia reports that IPv4 addresses have run out.

IPv4 addresses are the 32 bit numbers used to locate devices on the Internet. There are only 4,2 billion IPv4 addresses and the rapid increase in the number of devices - from the Smartphones, computers to televisions or them Internet of Things sensors - exhausted "stocks".


"IPv4 addresses are now depleted," he said RIPE Network Coordination Center (RIPE NCC) in Amsterdam, which has IP addresses in 76 countries on ISPs and other organizations.

This news comes as no surprise to us, as 2012 expected this to happen when RIPE NCC got the final allocation of IP addresses from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

However, as the only source of new IPv4 addresses in the region, RIPE NCC said its announcement would increase pressure on network administrators and raise concerns about the scaling up of its development. Internet.


Any IPv4 addresses returned to the RIPE NCC, such as organizations that have gone out of business or networks that no longer need addresses, will be made available through a waiting list. This is expected to amount to a few hundred thousand per year.

Despite warnings, the successor of IPv4 - IPv6 - it has not yet been widely adopted and much of the internet is still operating on older IPv4 networks, which means that operators may need complex and expensive solutions or adopt IPv6.

Nicolas Pediaditis, Director of Registration Services and Policy Development Director at RIPE NCC said: "With the depletion of IPv4 in Europe we are in danger of finding ourselves in a future where the development of our internet is unnecessary, not because of a lack of specialized engineers but network IDs. "

In recent years, this shortage has fueled a significant secondary IPv4 address market, with prices ranging from 10-30 euros per address, which means the IPv4 transport market is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide.


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