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Biological version of the internet can be created by bacteria!


Researchers Raphael Kim and Stefan Poslad, from Queen Mary University of London pointed out that bacteria act similar to devices Internet of Things (IoT).

This similarity lies in the fact that these micro-organisms have excellent media and integrated engines and sensors, and have both processing and efficient capabilities storage information.

And now it seems that researchers who discovered these similarities want to build a biological version of the Internet using bacteria.

Escherichia Coli is a special type of bacteria that can and store information in DNA-like annular structures. These structures are called plasmids, and the bacteria transfer these plasmids from one organism to another, through a process called conjugation. The reason why scientists They prefer to use E.Coli is the fact that it is easy to program through genetic engineering.

Earlier, Federico Tavella of the University of Padua in Italy and his colleagues created a circuit in which the message "Hello World" was transmitted by an executive of E.coli.

This experiment concludes that such transfer of information to the bacterial world can be used to create a complex network, therefore, a biological version of the Internet.

However, one of the obstacles facing scientists in creating a network that uses bacteria is the lack of a mechanism similar to GPS. Without this, it is difficult for researchers to locate the information they sent.

According to Kim and Poslad, "These challenges provide a rich area for discussing the broader implications of bacterial systems of the Internet of Things."

While the project is far from accomplished, the idea and the actions it takes to achieve it are commendable. Whatever the case, a network made up of bacteria is definitely an interesting and innovative idea, both for the technology as for science.

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