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Information Security: Do You Control Employee Devices?

In an age of mobility operational, employees now have the flexibility to work from remote locations. This means that the use of mobile devices is essential. And while this certainly increases productivity and profitability, at the same time companies run the risk of corporate information security. Also, the influx of corporate mobile devices and the multitude of platforms in the workplace make things more complicated for businesses and the conditions are even more difficult when employees are able to use their own devices.

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What is information security?

The information, which may be in any form, natural or electronic, are a valuable asset to a company. As the term implies, Information Security is a set of defined and organized tools and processes designed to protect sensitive corporate information, avoiding being stolen, modified, compromised, disclosed, tampered with or destroyed.

A part of information risk management and commonly known as InfoSec, secures critical information from unauthorized access, use, sharing, disclosure or deletion. In the event of an unfortunate security incident, InfoSec professionals are responsible for mitigating its impact threats or the risk involved.

Why should companies be interested?

The information can be worth a trillion dollars to a company and the loss can cause irreparable damage to businesses. Unmanaged and disorganized information can be vulnerable to different types of threats such as computer malfunction, natural disasters, or physical theft. InfoSec is a key component for IT security specialists who monitor and prevent risks to application security, data security, network security, physical security and computer security.

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In fact, modern companies depend mainly on corporate electronic information stored on computers, computer and software systems, mobile devices, Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices used by employees and managers. As companies shifted their focus from physical assets to the digital landscape, information threats took a form in cyberspace. Increasing cyber attacks can cause significant damage to sensitive and critical information.

In addition, the growing risks of data breaches have brought the importance of data protection to the forefront.

How does the user influence information security?

Since corporate information is inside smartphones, tablets and other portable devices used for business purposes, it is important to know who owns and uses these devices. Also, how much control should the company have over the information stored on these devices intended for use in remote locations?

These are some of the questions that every company should solve.

information security

Finally, some information security risks on employee-owned devices may be:

  • Loss or misuse of data due to loss or theft of a device
  • Abuse of data at the employee's immediate departure
  • Data can be damaged due to unprotected Browsing
  • Indifferent to security updates
  • Wi-Fi unprotected access

For this reason, corporate devices are a better choice for information security.


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