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Home security 37 vulnerabilities found in 4 popular Open-Source VNC software

37 vulnerabilities found in 4 popular Open-Source VNC software

VNCKaspersky researchers found 37 vulnerabilities in four well-known open-source VNC remote desktop applications. The vulnerabilities exist from 1999 and allow malware hackers to obtain access and violate them systems of the victims remotely.

According to investigators, the attackers have gained remote access to more than 600.000 VNC servers, over the Internet, using data collected through the Shodan search engine.

37 vulnerabilities found

Researchers found 37 vulnerabilities in four VNC applications: 10 vulnerabilities found in LibVNC, 4 at TightVNC 1.X, 1 at TurboVNC and 22 at UltraVNC.

VNC applications are available in many versions and are compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

VNC applications contain two components. One develops on server and the other to client, used to gain access to the server.

The researchers found vulnerabilities in both the server and the client they are causing problem in μνήμη. This problem, in turn, leads to other malfunctions and also allows it to work denial of service attacks.

In some cases, vulnerabilities allow hackers to gain unauthorized access to Appliances or develop malware.

How to Attack:

  • The attacker is on the same network as the VNC server and does attack to enable code execution on the server.
  • A user connects to the server of an intruder using a VNC client and the intruder exploits the client's vulnerabilities to attack the user and execute code on his machine.

Most vulnerabilities have already been fixed, with the exception of TightVNC 1.x, which is no longer supported. TightVNC 2.X versions are now in use.

The researchers suggest users use strong passwords and do control on their devices. They also emphasize that connections to untrusted or untried VNC servers should not be made.


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