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Outlook: Microsoft adds support for Gmail

Microsoft behaves is preparing to add Gmail support to The upcoming plug-in will allow you to use some of Gmail's features directly from Outlook.

You'll be able to access your Google Drive files for attachment to emails and view Google Calendar.Outlook is Microsoft's email and calendar service, and uses it for login Microsoft Account. So the service works closely with Windows 10, OneDrive, Microsoft Office and other company products that use Microsoft Account.

The new plug-in described above is still in development and is not widely available. Currently only supports one Gmail account.

The key change will be the ability to access your Gmail data through the online version of Outlook. Microsoft desktop applications, such as Calendar and mail in Windows 10, already support this feature, allowing you to access emails and calendars from Google.

In addition, its incorporation GDrive it will also be a new feature and looks very promising.

It is not yet known when Microsoft will release the new feature.


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