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Home security Google: Gives 1.5 Million Dollars for Error Detection on Pixel Phones

Google: Gives 1.5 Million Dollars for Error Detection on Pixel Phones

Google has announced that it is willing to give 1 million dollars in researcher security that will manage to find one the only bug in the Pixel series, which it could put on risk the data of users. In addition, you will give bonus 50% if a researcher finds out exploit in “specific preview versions Android“. This means that the amount of money will reach 1.5 million dollars.

In order for a researcher to get paid, he has to find out a error that could break Google Titan M.

Like Apple's "iPhone Secure Elementa", the "Titan M" is one security chip, which automatically detects them hackers trying to load malware on an Android phone. In this bug bounty program, Google asks researchers to find a bug that could violate Titan M on Pixel devices remotely.

"We will pay more for the discovery a full chain of holdings (multiple vulnerabilities used together) that allows arbitrary code execution, data removal, or locking override screen", Said Google.

The amount of money Google offers is enormous, especially considering the first bug bounty program for Android, which gave 38.000 dollars (maximum reward).

Some security researchers discovered this week that the camera Google Pixel smartphones can spy on users.

According to researchers at Checkmarx, there are vulnerabilities affecting some Android camera apps smartphones, like the Google Pixel and some devices Samsung. This means that a huge number of users are at risk. After analyzing the Google Camera app, the research team found that a hacker could take photos or videos without users' permission.

More and more companies are rewarding researchers for discovering errors

It's not just Google that makes bug bounty programs and offers big rewards to security researchers. OR Applealso gives iPhones to researchers to discover possible vulnerabilities. The company launched its bug bounty program three years ago at Black Hat conference and now has expanded it to control almost all of its products (iPhones, macOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV and more). A corresponding program is also available Microsoft and other big companies.


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