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Digital Payments: How Not To Cheat The Internet?

With the increasing use of the Internet, either by computer or mobile, digital payments have also grown. People now prefer not to pay in cash, and that seems to be the case online payments have increased nine times in the last five years.

However, it is a fact that there are many scams. There are also issues data protection, security concerns, infrastructure requirements and lack of awareness of the risks associated with the digital system.

Digital payments

Consumers have become vulnerable to newer and more complex scams.

2017-18, n RBI has recorded over 2.000 online scams on banks, which amounted to over 100 dollars.

As a result, banks have launched information campaigns, repeatedly asking consumers not to share sensitive information with third parties.

But consumers themselves can also take some measures to mitigate the risks.

It is important that users are constantly updated to understand the digital payment system and to know the latest upgrades to technology and software.

It is also important to take the necessary precautions for passwords, which means that they must be complex (at least 10-12 characters, a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters), reviewed regularly, and use unique codes for economical applications.

Digital payments

Consumers should only look for and install legitimate or verified applications from app shops on mobile devices and purchase authorized software to avoid applications that may be vulnerable to threats.

Using unsecured or public Wi-Fi networks is still something that makes users vulnerable to potential security threats, such as malware, information leakage and data theft.

People should avoid digital transactions using open or unknown network connections, as their device and data may be exposed to electronic attacks phising.

Finally, consumers should be careful to associate social media profiles with digital payment applications and avoid sharing personal and sensitive data through social networking platforms, emails, messaging or calling.


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