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Home security Offshore Bank targeted by hackers to "unmask" it

Offshore Bank targeted at hackers to "unmask" it

The hacker or hackers known as Phineas Fisher violated Offshore Bank, Cayman National Bank, stole money and documents and offered other hackers $ 100.000 to commit hacking attacks to politicians. In fact, the bank has confirmed that it has suffered data breach.

«It is known that Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited was among a list of target banks subject to the same hacking activity"Said a bank spokesman.

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"Criminal investigation is ongoing and Cayman National is working with law enforcement authorities to track down the perpetrators. Cayman National takes it very seriously breach of data security and a specialized forensic investigation is underway with appropriate actions to ensure the protection of Cayman National's Isle of Man bank customers and trust companies, "the statement said.

The statement does not specifically name the hacking team Phineas Fisher, but says the bank fell victim to a "criminal hacking team».

"I robbed a bank and gave money", writes the Phineas Fisher hacking team about their latest achievement, adding that they violated the bank 2016. "Computer hacking is a powerful tool for combating economic inequality". In its statement, Cayman National claimed that it had found no financial loss to either its customers or the company.

Phineas Fisher posted stolen documents and emails from the bank on the Distributed Denial of Secrets website run by activist Emma Best.

«The global economic elite are oppressors, not victims […] Deluding this elite and returning some of the wealth they have stolen does not make them victims», Phineas Fisher had previously stated. "Our action is considered a crime against cyberspaceis also considered activism, driven by the desire for social change, we do not personally benefit from it. "


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