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A hidden Facebook application generates memes


Although memes flood social media platforms, there are not many Android or iOS apps that allow you to create high quality memes.

But it seems that now this can change, after all Facebook decided to release one this week application, which she calls Whale.

Whale meme creation application

The Whale application, created by the experimental section of Facebook, known as NPE (New Product Experimentation), enables users add meme type text, emojis, filters and effects in an image.

The application is linked to Facebook, Instagram and the Messenger, while providing the ability to instantly share the meme you create. It also has templates for popular memes so you can use them if you wish.

The Whale app is currently only available in the Canadian App Store and is aimed only at iPhone users in Canada.

In addition, the application is free and as it states in its description: "No distractions, no hidden subscription pricing." There will be no annoying ads in the app, however we can not be sure if it will be completely free in case it is released to more users.

Other Facebook NPE applications

Two other experimental apps created by Facebook's NPE team are AUX and Bump. The first is a live music app, and the second is a messaging app.

AUX is addressed to children school age and teenagers attending a party and allowing them to play their own playlist and compete on who played the best songs.

The other application, Bump, is for students to help communicate with other people through messaging.

However, it is good to be cautious about Facebook's experimental applications, as there are often times when a company has finally stopped releasing an app when it sees that it is not attracting many users.

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