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Home security Chrome: Don't ignore updates - Serious vulnerabilities

Chrome: Don't ignore updates - Serious vulnerabilities

ChromeUsed Google Chrome at your job? If so, you should know that you are very likely to be a victim hacking attack. Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsersis therefore an attractive target for them Criminals of cyberspace, since they can affect a huge number of users.

Recently, Google revealed a significant vulnerability in Google Chrome that is affecting Windows, Poppy and Linux-based Appliances.

The company released one patch which corrects two separate issues security.


One of the two vulnerabilities has to do with Google's audio component. The second is related to library PDF of the browser. The two vulnerabilities allow attackers to modify or corrupt memory data. Hackers can gain privileges on the device or on applications of the user. If they manage to gain administrator rights to the system then they can make any changes to the operating system system device. There is also the possibility installing malware or running malicious code to the device.


The version of the browser that fixes the vulnerabilities is 78.03904.87. Chrome can be configured to automatically update. However, it's good to manually control your devices. The control it can be done as follows: Go to the Help menu and then to "About Google Chrome". If an update is available, the browser will find it. If it reports 78.03904.87, then your device has received the update and is protected.

If there is a problem during the update process, it may need to be removed from the system and reinstalled.

What other things should you think about?

If a system does not receive automatic updates from Google Chrome, it may have problems. What to check:

  1. Is the malware protection program up to date? It works right;
  2. Does the OS receive updates? Does it fit them?
  3. Has the system been restarted recently?
  4. If the system was disconnected from network of company, how long did she stay disconnected?
  5. Has malware been recently checked? Did anything strange be found? Has any malware been removed?
  6. Are there unauthorized programs installed or suspiciously executable?

In cases where the devices are very infected, complete "cleaning" and reinstalling it functional system from scratch is the best solution. However, before doing this, you should ask a technician to create backups all important data. On their turn, the data should be carefully scanned for contamination before being transferred back to the "clean" system.


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