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Huawei: US allows collaboration for other 90 days

HuaweiAs we all know, their relationships USA to Huawei have never been the best culminating in the US government's decision to a ban on US companies cooperating with Chinese technology company. However, a few months ago, the US had temporarily suspended the decision so companies could deal with Huawei. Now, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce has given another temporary permit (90 days) to the Chinese company.

"The extension of the Interim General License will allow cooperation and customer service to operate in some of the most remote areas of the United States, which would otherwise remain in the dark," he said.

However, the minister stressed that the US would keep in mind and will strictly monitor sensitive exports technologies "To ensure that their innovations are not exploited by those who could threaten national safety".

At the time of the previous provisional co-operation permit, the ministry had said that these extensions were being granted have the American telecommunications companies have time to gradually and smoothly move away from equipment of Huawei.

Huawei claims that its blacklisting of the US had political motivation and it was not about national security.

"These actions violate the basic principles authorities "They are not in the interest of anyone, not even American companies," Huawei said in August.

"Efforts to suppress Huawei's business will not help the United States achieve technological leadership. We call on the US government to end this unfair treatment and remove Huawei from the blacklist. "

Huawei seems to have the support of the world after it was announced increase 24% in its revenue and sold 185 millions smartphones during the last nine months.

Huawei received its first provisional extension in May, shortly after the US decision to forbid the country's cooperation with the Chinese company.

Right now, there are more than 100 Chinese Companies, over Huawei, located in the US "black list".

Trump had done one tweet in March last year in which he reported that trade wars are good and the Americans can easily win.

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