HomesecurityWarnings about new 'smishing' scams

Warnings about new 'smishing' scams

The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning warning consumers of new smishing scams that use text messages, not traditional emails. Such fraud involves offering scammers a significant discount on television services.

Scams urge victims to send personal information. According to the Better Business Bureau, this new program is called "smishing", which means SMS fishing, as opposed toPhishing", Which concerns email.


"We are somewhat prepared to ignore them now phone calls that we do not recognize and delete emails that we believe are spam. But in text messages, it is quite possible to respond immediately - and this is what fraudsters rely on. ”

Another scam the BBB reports is notice that they are offered a big discount via cable or satellite connection - as long as they are prepaid. Then they demand the payment of the deposit through gift cards.

According to officials, "when people use their phones, they are less cautious. Many assume that the smartphone they are safer than them computers. But smartphone security does restrictions and it can't directly protect you from smishing. ”

To protect yourself, you must:

  • Take note of emergency security alerts and coupon acquisitions you have to make-now-bids or deals as warning signs of a hacking attempt.
  • No financial institution will send you a text message asking you to update its details account or confirm the card code TMJ. If you receive a message that appears to be from your bank that you work with and asks you to click on something in the message, it is a scam. Call your bank directly if in doubt.
  • Never click to reply to one link or a phone number in a message you're not sure.
  • Look for suspicious numbers that don't look like real numbers mobile phone, such as "5000". As Network World notes, these numbers are linked to text email services, which are sometimes used by scammers to prevent their real phone numbers from being provided.
  • Do not store your credit card or banking information on your smartphone.
  • Report all attacks to the FCC to protect others.


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