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3D Print Templates: Researchers Create Bulletproof Cubes

Technology is constantly evolving, but 3D printing is still used to create templates or parts that should not undergo huge changes or deterioration. But that is not always the case, as university researchers do Rice they found a way to print 3D intricate designs that can become plastic objects, as tough and durable as a diamond.


The complex motifs, the crosses and the zigzags, used to create these structures are anything but random. Is strategically designed and designed to give these objects their incredible power, but they can also be modified and adjusted to show other amazing properties.

The drawings are based on tubes, which are theoretically microscopic structures made of cross-linked carbon nanotubes. Tubulanes could be used to make revolutionary materials since they are strong and lightweight, but to date, structures have not been successfully developed given the difficult logistical infrastructure of nanotube construction. carbon.


Researchers fired two κύβους - one of a solid polymer, and one of a polymer printed with a tubulane structure - with a projectile moving 5.8 kilometers per second. No cubes were destroyed.

The assumption is that a porous structure reduces the termination power of an object.

This research could have a wide impact on countless fields that depend on materials both light and strong. Aerospace, architecture, and even army could benefit from this new approach to manufacturing and could use 3D printing again.

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