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Motorola: Restores the Razr phone with a retractable touch screen

RazrThe company Motorola announced the release of a new version yesterday Razr flip mobile of. New phone will still folds in the middle, as it used to be (in the 2000 decade), but now the screen inside will be touch.

It will be the second foldable phone to be released on USA after the Samsung Galaxy Fold. THE company plans to officially launch the new Razr in January and it will cost $ 1.499.99. Pre-orders will be available from December 26 onwards. The release of Razr reinforces the new trend of foldable mobiles. In addition to Samsung, other companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi have experimented with the folding design.

Motorola aimed to create a phone that combines the image of one classic touchscreen smartphone (when it is open) and comfort (it becomes small when it is closed).

Also, even when Razr is off, users can see key items such as messages, e-mail, incoming calls, etc. on a 2,7-inch "Quick View" screen. In addition, the users will be able to use it Google Assistant, even when closed, saying "OK Google".

When the new Razr opens, we see one contemporary smartphone.

When it is open, the screen reaches them 6,2 inches.

This design could serve as a template for future mobiles, so be it conveniently. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 + is a very nice phone but it's huge. Following the design of Motorola, Samsung could make its phones more easy to use folding them in the middle.

According to Motorola, the screen is protected as well folds in two "without gap". This design is supposed to protect the flexible interior screen, which is fragile, and could be "injured" by other items you may have in your pocket.

However, some may argue that 1,500 dollars are too much and are right, given that it includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip instead of the newer and more powerful Snapdragon 855 +. It also runs Android 9 Pie, which is last year's version of Android. It has storage space 128 GB and one fingerprint scanner, but there is no system for recognition face, which for many is safer. Finally, the new Razr has one 16MP camera.

1.500 bucks are probably a lot for a phone that doesn't have the most powerful processor. But its design is very interesting and makes the phone very user-friendly.

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