HomesecurityRansomware decryption tools: 11 options you have

Ransomware decryption tools: 11 options you have

Ransomware can be the worst kind of malware that can infect your computer. Even with one of these malware programs to encrypt and lock your information, the only solution to login again is to pay the ransom to the hacker.

To remove ransomware from your computer, you first need to find out what kind of PC your computer is. contaminated. Once recognized, you will be able to delete it using one of the following tools.



Decrypter for AutoLocky and Decrypt Shield


Decrypter for AutoLocky comes from Emsisoft and is used to delete AutoLocky ransomware. If your computer becomes infected with AutoLocky, your information will be renamed to * .locky and encrypted. Through its use Decrypter you have the ability to remove this malware.

Jigsaw Decryptor

This ransomware, comparable to Jigsaw, will erase all your information unless you pay the ransom directly to hackerhowever, you can simply remove this software from your computer.

Kaspersky Ransomware Decryptor

This software comes from a well known company antivirus Kaspersky, and its creators, can erase any CoinVault and Bitcryptor ransomware from your computer.


In addition, Kaspersky introduced RannohDecryptor for CryptXXX, so in case computer get infected by this malware, make sure you download this tool.

Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker

Kaspersky WindowsUnlocker can save you if you can't sign in to your computer. To remove them using this device, simply download the .iso file and use it to create a bootable USB flash drive.



This is another tool that can make it easy to access your computer, even when locked. All you have to do is place the HitmanPro.Kickstart on a USB flash drive and boot your computer from it.

Development Micro AntiRansomware Software

Trend Micro AntiRansomware Tool can be used to access your computer and remove ransomware by booting it from a USB flash drive.

Cisco TeslaCrypt Decryption Device

Cisco has also launched the decryption software, and this software is designed to remove TeslaCrypt. The TeslaCrypt decryption tool comes as a command line device and could allow you to remove this ransomware from your computer.

Operation International III Ransomware Decryption Device

Surely ransomware will encrypt the information and modify its extensions to .exe. If you have the same disadvantage on your computer, you may need to try using this device.

Petya Ransomware Decrypt Device

Usually, ransomware changes the Grasp Boot Report. With Petya Ransomware you can fix this problem.

Decrypter for HydraCrypt and UmbreCrypt Ransomware

If your computer is infected with HydraCrypt or UmbreCrypt, it is best to try to remove it by using Decrypter for HydraCrypt and UmbreCrypt.

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