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Home security Caution! False warning for malware on iPhone

Caution! False warning for malware on iPhone

iPhoneΗ Apple is one of the companies that pays particular attention to safety of customers. The closed ecosystem iOS protects Apple devices from various threats and attacks. However, the iPhone are relatively vulnerable to others Appliances. This is because most users use their mobile phones to download applications, which can be malicious. They can also visit maliciously sites.

If a serious threat is detected, Apple takes care to deal with it software updates. These updates come directly from Apple. Users must be very careful and careful make sure this is an official company briefing. Many Criminals trying to fool them users iPhone, circulating fake updates, which are supposed to come from Apple.

A common hacker tactic is dispatch of fake emails and alerts, imitating legitimate services (in this case Apple).

Caution! In recent days iPhone users have been receiving a notification talking about it malware detection. Specifically, the notice says: “Viruses have been detected on your iPhone and battery it has become infected and destroyed. "

The scammers know that this message will get the attention of the users and motivate them to act. They then ask users to remove the virus immediately so they don't have any more problems: “If you don't remove this malicious software now, can cause more damage to your device ”. The message also says that the problem can be addressed with download and install an antivirus tool. The download can be downloaded for free from the AppStore.

Here's a screenshot with the message:

However, a better examination of the message may lead to the conclusion that this is one false warning. The message is supposed to come from Apple. So it should include the correct text, without grammatical errors (eg viruses have been). Additionally, at the top left is the Apple logo and next to the date. In this way, the hackers trying to make the message look authentic.

But what not many people notice in their panic is that notification comes from “” and not from the official Apple page. Experts have found that this address leads to one unsafe site with “403 Forbidden” warning.

With one simple Google search, any user can control the site. If it does, it will find that the site is actually not legal. Therefore, with a simple check, users can find that the notification they received is a scam.

Whatever the case, iPhone users should not download and install any protection software without being sure of the source of the alert. Users can only trust Apple's official site.

Otherwise, they will end up downloading some malware and putting it on risk their iPhone.


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