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Home security ACMA: It obliges ISPs to block illegal gambling sites

ACMA: It obliges ISPs to block illegal gambling sites

gambling gamesThe Australian Communications and Multimedia Authority (ACMA) stated that will oblige the nationals ISP to block offshore sites gambling that does not comply with the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

“Blocking illegal sites by ISPs will be a valuable weapon for ACMA, for fight against the illegal on-line gambling ”, the ACMA said.

“If you have deposited money in one illegal site of gambling, you should withdraw this money now ”.

According to ACMA, offshore sites often do not offer great profits users.

ACMA has implemented many similar measures to combat illegal gambling. The last two years over 65 Companies with gambling sites have abandoned its market Australia. The Australian Home Office has added the managers of these sites to a risk list. In addition, ACMA has contacted regulators in the countries of origin of these sites.

"OR public education It is also vital to deter Australian citizens from using these sites, as many illegal offshore gaming sites target Australian users using Australian themes and images such as the Australian flag and others, ”said an ACMA spokesman.

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Illegal sites will be blocked in accordance with telecommunications law. The exclusion decision must be signed by the ACMA president, alternate chairman, or a senior executive.

The Australian Government has been trying to combat the phenomenon of online gambling for many years. It continually enforces laws and measures to restrict gambling sites.

According to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher, they spend about every year 400 million AU $ on illegal gambling sites.

“ACMA has the power to protect Australian citizens from illegal activity services gambling through the issuance of official warnings and sanctions. However, taking immediate action against impersonal companies that do not have a legitimate presence in our parties is a difficult process, ”Fletcher said.

The minister also said co-operation with the country's ISPs to block illegal sites is important for protection of Australian citizens and for providing a safer online gambling environment.

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