HomesecurityAventura is accused of selling contaminated equipment to the US government

Aventura is accused of selling contaminated equipment to the US government


Η Aventura Technologies, a surveillance products company based in New York, Commak, is accused of scam, after the sale of surveillance equipment to the US government, which was well known vulnerabilities security.

According to the US Department of Justice (DoJ), the company deliberately sold equipment which knew that it had vulnerabilities, both in government and in private, while deceiving its customers that its products were manufactured in America while in fact imported from China.

Aventura was selling these products from 2006, meaning its customers had been cheating for a decade and the US military was using surveillance equipment containing known vulnerabilities. And while this equipment came from China, the company was pretending to be manufactured on Long Island.

Both the company and seven current and former employees are accused by the Ministry of Justice. Prosecutors have named Frances Cabasso, owner of Aventura and the wife of Jack Cabasso, the company's chief executive, Jonathan Lasker, Christine Lavonne Lazarus and Eduard Matulik, employee Wayne Marino and retired staff member Alan Schwartz.

To discover Aventura's actions, law enforcement authorities tracked certain shipments of products made by China to the company's headquarters. One product, a $ 13.500 laser vision night vision machine, requested by the Navy, was spotted being shipped from China to a shipping facility in Jamaica and then to Aventura before being delivered to the New London Naval Base at Groton, Connecticut. .

In order to cover their tracks, the defendants removed the Chinese labels from the circuits, deleted the original manufacturer's name from server communications, and changed production lines to appear to have come from the US when they actually came from Hangzhou in China.

Frances Cabasso is alleged to be portrayed as the owner of Aventura in order to obtain a contract from the US government for businesses owned by women, but in fact her husband controls the company.

Prosecutors say Aventura has earned more than $ 88 million over the past decade and at least $ 20 million comes from federal government contracts.

"Aventura not only deceived its customers, but also exposed them to serious, well-known people risks at cyberspace "and created a channel through which hostile foreign governments could access some of the government's most sensitive facilities," the Justice Department said.

The Cabassos are accused of money laundering and seized assets, including a luxury yacht and 3 million dollars from 12 bank accounts. All suspects are charged with unlawful importation and conspiracy to commit fraud.

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