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NBN-connected fiber optic houses receive only 80% of the speed they pay

Fiber optic broadband is not as fast as other NBN technologies, as revealed by data from the Australian Competition Watch.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission's latest Broadband Measurement Report, released Thursday, showed that people connected to the national broadband network through fiber optic - which uses more existing copper wiring than any other technology - have lower speeds than people connected to FTTC, FTTP and local cable networks.


The report showed that the average download speed for fiber optic users was 80,8% of the speed they had paid. This compares with 90,7% for fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC), 90,1% for cables and 89,7% for fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP).

Of course, the total included 11% of users identified as having less efficient services, whose speed tests were below 75% of maximum download speed and therefore required to be restored. service their.

When services were excluded low efficiency, other technologies remained the same, while fiber-to-the-node increased 8 percentage points.

Fiber-to-the-node is a fiber cable up to a box, usually down the road, which then uses existing telephone lines Telstra for the rest of the distance to people's homes. It means that speed that depends on the quality of the copper line and the distance from the node to the home of a person.

The report, which collected data from 1.125 NBN volunteer users in August, found that Optus was the best of retailers, with an average download speed of 88,5% of speeds who advertise. Dodoc and iPrimus owned by Vocus reported 79,4% in total and 76,4% in hours worked.

The report continues to present ongoing performance problems with fiber-to-the-node technology, which is now the most common way people connect to the national broadband network. NBN tried to tackle problems with technology last month by proposing its own methodology for comparisons of speed tests with the rest of the world based on how fast people pay.

While Optus works well on NBN, the company is also moving forward with plans to move on 5G for broadband connection home to compete directly with NBN. The company this week expanded its 5G plans to the price of $ 70 at 138.000 homes.

The company's cheapest NBN plan for 50 megabits per second download speeds is $ 70, but the 5G plan now has much higher speeds, up to 400 megabits per second in off-peak times.


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