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Home security Ransomware attacks cause heart attacks in hospitals

Ransomware attacks cause heart attacks in hospitals

According to a new study, hospitals affected by data breaches or attacks ransomware can expect cardiac deaths to increase in the coming months or years due to cybersecurity restoration efforts. Health industry experts say the findings should lead to a greater review of how safety - or lack thereof - can affect patients' outcomes.

Researchers at the University's Owen Graduate School of Management Vanderbilt took the list of HHS health care data violations and used it to track data on patient mortality rates at more than 3.000 Medicare certified hospitals.


As PBS noted in the coverage of the Vanderbilt study, after data breaches, there are up to 36 additional deaths per 10.000 heart attack in hundreds of hospitals examined.

The researchers found that the violated health centers needed an additional 2,7 minutes for patients suspected of having a heart attack to receive an electrocardiogram.

Leo Scanlon, a former deputy chief of information security at HHS, said the conclusions of this report are practically calling for a similar study in the United Kingdom, whose care system was particularly disrupted by the virus. Wannacry, which is a worldwide infection that has spread through a Microsoft vulnerability Windows.

The virus has caused 100 millions of pounds in financial damage after the cancellation of some 19.000 appointments - including businesses - and the shutdown of IT systems for at least 1 / 3 of all National Health Service hospitals United Kingdom (NHS) and 8% of GPs.


A study published in the April issue of the New England Journal of Medicine's 2017 seems to suggest applying the approach Vanderbilt researchers use to measure patient outcomes in UK hospitals after Wannacry.

The study found that “the beneficiaries medicines who had been admitted to hospitals because of the acute myocardial infarction or cardiac arrest had a higher mortality rate than other non-marathon dates. ”

"Many colleagues and I are convinced that the same can be true for WannaCry, both on a large scale and on a small scale when ransomware attacks affect a regional hospital," Scanlon said.

However, many healthcare experts have stated that there is currently no data available to support the finding. negative outcome patients as a result of vulnerability or cyber attack.


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