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Home security What does the new SophosLabs online survey reveal?

What does the new SophosLabs online survey reveal?


New research published by SophosLabs on 2020 analyzes new trends in its landscape on-line crime and how much they have changed in the last 12 months.

“The landscape of cybercrime continues to evolve - and the speed and scale of this evolution is accelerating and unpredictable. The only certainty we have is that it is happening now, so in our 2020 Threat Report, we look at how today's trends can affect the world in the coming year. We emphasize that opponents are becoming more difficult, better at exploiting them vulnerabilities, hiding their activities and circumventing technologies detection even in the cloud, via applications for mobile and internal networks. The report is not so much a map as a series of points to help security researchers better understand what they might face in the coming months and how to prepare, "said John Shier, security consultant at SophosLabs.

SophosLabs' research on 2020 focuses on six areas where researchers have made significant progress over the past year. Among those expected to have a significant impact on its landscape cyberspace to 2020 and then:

Ransomware. Attackers continue to increase automated active attacks, targeting trusted management tools at their disposal, bypassing security checks and deactivating backups to maximize impact in the shortest possible time.

The unwanted applications tend to be closer to malware. The report highlights how these potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), such as add-ons in a browser, become mediators for the delivery and execution of malware and attacks.

The biggest threat to it cloud computing is the wrong configuration by the operators. As cloud systems become more complex and flexible, an operator error increases the risks.

Mechanical learning, designed to tackle malware is also under attack. 2019 was the year in which many attacks on machine learning security systems took place. Research has shown how machine learning models could be deceived.

You can view SophosLabs 2020 Threat Report here.


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