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AT&T will pay $ 60 million for misleading


AT&T is forced to pay a $ 60 million fine for allegedly misleading more than 3,5 million of its customers, charging them with "unlimited date", While reducing them speeds of their data when their use exceeded a certain limit.

Specific settlement, refers to a case of 2014 with the Federal Trade Commission.

AT&T (T), the parent company of CNN, reportedly began to slow down for customers with unlimited data plans in 2011, according to the FTC. This practice makes it difficult tour on Internet or performing other activities and in some cases, the deceleration reached almost 90%, according to the FTC. The relegation was reportedly started after customers only used 2 gigabytes of data over a billing period, the FTC said in a press release today.

In a statement to CNN Business, an AT&T spokesman said: "Although many years have passed since we implemented this network management tool in the manner described by the FTC, we believe it is in the best interests of consumers."

The settlement money will be used to provide refunds to customers who have been downgraded by 2011. Customers will not have to apply for the money. Current customers will receive credit in their accounts and former customers will receive checks.

FTC found that AT&T was slowing down the speed of its customers making programs for unlimited data, after using more than a certain amount data per billing cycle.

In addition to the fine, AT&T will no longer be able to use securities related to speed or the amount of mobile data, including that it is "unlimited", without mentioning the relevant restrictions. Any such references should be clearly visible in every offer and not hidden in fine print or hyperlinks.

"AT&T has promised unlimited data and has failed to deliver on that promise," FTC Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith said in a press release. "Although it seems obvious, we must reiterate that internet providers they must inform their users of any restrictions on the speed or amount of data. "

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