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If you want to train your robot properly, release it

One of the most important experiments robotics that became older is when some scientists they released a robot in a large mall to see how the children would react. In addition to the curiosity about what they are facing, the children tried to kick and hit the robot.

robot robot

The conclusion of this experiment was that they might have to let the robots free to see what moves they would make and how they would navigate the world. Researchers at the University of the South California have come to the conclusion that letting robots hit objects with their hands will help them learn to grasp these objects better.

The experiment was conducted entirely in simulation. The environment simulates variables such as rubbing, and a robotic arm tries to grab an object using different handles. If it doesn't stumble, the system it counts as a victory and if it does something wrong, the system counts it as a defeat. After many attempts, the robot learns what constitutes a strong concept.


But here comes the so-called "human actress”, A kind of additional mark. If the robot manages to grasp an object well, the human uses an "interface" to click on the object it holds and apply a force in a particular direction.

However, you need to know some things. A simulation is a necessarily incomplete model of the real world. There is no way to make duplicate copies. So transferring what a robot learns to simulate to a natural robotic arm is still very difficult.


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