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What is Apache HTTP Server? (Advantages and disadvantages)

What is Apache HTTP Server?

Apache HTTP Server is an open source web server, also known as "httpd" and Apache.

Some interesting facts about Apache are:

  • The Apache Software Foundation manages its trademark and services.
  • The server is developed and maintained by an open source community of developers under ASF.
  • Usually running on Linux, Apache runs about 46% of all web sites worldwide.
  • It is the key element of the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Basic architecture

Apache follows a multi-thread approach. It provides a variety of multiple processing units. These pre-modules are basically three types of request handling algorithms. Everyone is destined for different needs server.

MPM (Multi-Processing Modules) provide a flexible architecture for selecting different connection and different control algorithms.

Also, different versions of Apache 2 use different processing modules.

Apache's three main MPMs are:

Old school Apache (2.2) uses mpm_worker, mpm_prefork and mod_php. While Apache 2.4 is configured to use mpm_event, php-fpm.

By default, Apache 2.2 is set to Pre-fork mode (mpm_prefork). It responds to a specified number of processes, each of which can handle only one request at a time.

In other words, Apache creates a new one thread each time to handle each login request.

However, Apache's basic architecture can lead to heavy resource consumption, which can cause server problems (eg slow speed).


2.1 Static Content

Static content or files are typically files that are stored on disk on the computer server, for example, CSS files, JavaScript files, or images. apache handles static content using the conventional file-based method.

2.2 Dynamic content

apache can process dynamic content within the web itself without having to rely on external elements. So he can handle your own beliefs.

OS support

Apache runs on all types of Unix-like systems (eg Linux or BSD) and has full support for Microsoft Windows.

Distributed / centralized configuration

This architecture allows non-privileged users to control certain aspects of their site without allowing them to edit the main directory. That's great!

Function modules

The Apache server has a rich set of features that can be activated by installing one of the official 60 modules. There are also many other informal sections that can be easily found online.

The drive system allows you to dynamically load or unload units to meet your needs. Its sections can be turned on or off to add or remove features and connect to the main server.

In short, Apache has many functionality modules to meet your needs, but many are not commonly used.

Flexibility and adaptability

Adjustments to the web server can be made through modules. Apache had the dynamic module to load for the longest time, so all Apache modules support it.


Apache ensures that all website running on its server is safe from any malware and hackers.

This way it provides configuration tips for attack handling DDoS, as well as the mod_evasive module for responding to HTTP DoS, DDoS or violent attacks.


Apache commercial support is available from many third party companies such as OpenLogic, but no official directory is maintained by the Apache Foundation. The Apache server is intended to provide great support to all its users.

Final Takeaway

  1. i) Apache .htaccess

NGINX does not support something like the Apache .htaccess file. However, with Apache, you have the advantage of giving non-privileged users control of some important aspects of it website their.

  • Users are obviously not allowed to edit the main configuration.
  • Using .htaccess files, you can override the settings throughout system per directory basis.
  • For optimal performance, include these .htaccess instructions in the master configuration file.
  • In a shared environment hosting, Apache works best because of the .htaccess configuration.
  1. ii) In case of functionality limitations - use Apache

Nginx has some basic modules that are very important. However, there are some limitations with Nginx functionality.

If you have some restrictions or need to use additional units that are not supported by Nginx, you may want to opt for Apache.


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