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Home security Mozilla disputes the DNS encryption defended by ISPs

Mozilla disputes the DNS encryption defended by ISPs

The providers ISP defend encryption DNS, but Mozilla tells Congress that they don't trust them.

Internet providers raise questions about how they use their browsing data on Web broadband clients to combat this encrypted DNS.


DNS via HTTPS "Keeps" the most curious of seeing what DNS searches your browser does. This can make it difficult for ISPs or other third parties to track what websites you visit.

"It was no surprise that our work at DoH [DNS on HTTPS] triggered a campaign to prevent privacy and security," wrote Marshall Erwin, Mozilla's Senior Director of Trust and Security.

The broadband industry has claimed that Google plans to automatically change its users Chrome on its own DNS service, something that Google does not accept. Google's publicly announced plan is to "check if the current DNS provider is among a list of DoH-compatible providers and upgrade its equivalent DoH service from the same provider." If the user-selected DNS service is not in that list, Chrome will not make changes for that user.

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Mozilla plans to change its users by default Firefox to a different DNS provider, in particular to its encrypted DNS service CloudFlare. However, ISPs seem to be less worried about Firefox than Chrome because of Firefox's smaller market share.


Some of the ISP claims made to lawmakers "are based on a plan that doesn't exist," Erwin told Ars last week, referring to ISP claims about Google.

The providers Internet claim that these rules are not necessary because they do not violate the privacy of users. However, their objections to DNS over HTTPS have raised questions about how ISPs collect and use sensitive user data in its role. gatekeeper when using the Internet. Mozilla said it believes it is upgrading private life has become necessary to protect users against the widespread logging of personal data abuse by the ISP.

This "ISP abuse" includes mobile providers that sell real-time location data to third parties without the knowledge or consent of the user.

When the Mozilla plan is implemented, Firefox users will automatically switch to a DNS provider that uses encrypted DNS and has a strong privacy policy. So far, Cloudflare is the only provider that Mozilla has partnered with. Erwin said Cloudflare's privacy policy was the best option, but said Mozilla was trying to bring in other "trusted" providers to give users the choice of the encrypted DNS service they would use.

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Mozilla encrypts encrypted DNS at a small percentage of its user base for testing and intends to deploy it to all users on USA later. The browser will alert users when encrypted DNS is enabled and provide a method for disabling it.

However, Firefox will not automatically enable encrypted DNS in some cases. When Firefox detects parental controls, it will leave its existing DNS service in place, Erwin said. Firefox will also abandon the existing DNS service for some business users.

Firefox will detect if business policies are set up on the device and deactivate DoH under these conditions.

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