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Home security The Australian ABS Statistical Service is looking for the right scanning software!

The Australian ABS Statistical Service is looking for the right scanning software!

The Australian Statistical Service (ABS) has submitted a tender request seeking data collection, recognition and repair software as well as a scanning infrastructure to be used for the 2021 Census.

According to ABS, the software solution will be used to scan, record, identify and enhance written responses from paper based home and professional collections of Census 2021 and ABS. It will then cover the answers in an electrical format so that the data can be used by "appropriate systems".

“ABS is looking for data logging, recognition and repair software that offers a range of features that support imaging and data, recording responses from paper forms using ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and / or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and / or OMR (Optical Signal Recognition) technology and automatic interpretation machines, and data digitization "Writes ABS in the call for bids.


He added that while the software would be "ideally" compatible with current ABS-based Kodak i5850 scanners, the agency said it was open to "alternative scanner recommendations that would provide optimum interaction with software that will be promoted. "

While bidding on December 9, ABS said it intends to supply the software "as soon as possible" in order to evaluated, to develop, test and build the Census Ready solution ”by August at 2020.

ABS is seeking a contract with a provider from the beginning of 2020 until June of 2022, with the option of extending the contract for a further period of up to two years.

In May it was revealed that PwC Australia had been selected as the IT partner for the 2021 Census. ABS said PwC would operate the digital inventory on Amazon Web Services, which was certified to handle Protected workloads earlier this year.

“ABS and PwC Australia will work with reputable organizations, including the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center and the Digital Conversion Agency, to create a safe solution managing the high demand expected for the 2021 Census, ”ABS said.

In April, ABS allocated 38,3 million for three years to the federal budget of 2019-20.

On 9 August 2016, ABS faced a series of attacks DDoS, suffered a hardware router failure, so the Census website was shut down and citizens were unable to complete their online submissions.

The Census was running with the internal infrastructure provided by its technology IBM. A month later, ABS caused an explosion at IBM and said it had failed to adequately address it. risk suffered under contract.

"The online Census system was hosted by IBM under contract with ABS and the DDoS attack could not disrupt the system," ABS said at the time. “Despite the extensive programming and preparation by ABS for 2016 inventory, this risk has not been adequately addressed by IBM and ABS will be more integrated in risk management in IBM future"


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