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Home security 8chan: Returns with a new name and bans illegal content

8chan: Returns with a new name and bans illegal content

8chanThe controversial imageboard website 8chan returned with a new name. This name is "8kun». The first thing you see when you go to the site homepage is a warning that reads: “Any content that violates the laws of the United States of America will be deleted and the poster banned ”.

But why has it been classified as controversial?

2013, Fredrick Brennan created 8chan as an alternative to 4chan. However, the site was linked to campaigns promoting racism, misogyny, neo-nazism, pedophilia and various illegal and criminal activities. They were also used by the followers of conspiracy theory QAnon, according to which a secret organization ("the devotees who worship Satan") rules the world and only Donald Trump could stop it.

Brennan retired from site to 2008. Now, 8chan is now run by Jim Watkins and his son Ron. Since leaving Brennan has expressed a desire to completely shut down the site.

Indeed, 8chan ceased to be available in August, as attackers in Christchurch, Poway and El Paso used the site to spread their manifesto. Soon after, many companies announced they would no longer support 8chan. Among these companies was the security company CloudFlare and Tucows.

However, Watkins reintroduced 8chan, with a new name.

The first news of his return was released on October 7 from his official site account at Twitter. Finally, 8kun started operating on Saturday.

8kun announced on Twitter that there are over 200 boards that need to be transferred from 8chan. However, this time they will not include the boards used by Criminals to publish their manifesto.

Watkins had been questioned by the US Homeland Security Committee when the events took place. attacks. His lawyer, then, had said that Watkins emphasized that: “8chan will come back to Internet, when it develops add-ons tools to deal with illegal content in accordance with United States law».


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