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13 years ago created a more economical alternative to Hyperloop


Η ambitious Hyperloop concept of Elon Musk doesn't seem to be going as well as he had hoped. This new commute proposal proposes that it will be much faster than existing public transport. However now Hyperloop finds a competitor, designed by an 13 year old girl!

Caroline Crouchley of Garden City, New York, has designed a financially sustainable and environmentally friendly environment alternative to Hyperloop. He has proposed the construction of pneumatic pipelines next to the already existing railway lines. Its idea is based on the movement of magnetic reciprocating machines, through pneumatic tubes connected via a magnetic arm to trains.

The system which proposes eliminates the need to build an entire infrastructure such as the one needed by Hyperloop, while also minimizing the risk of safety of the passengers.

Speaking at CNN Travel, Crouchley said: "I have singled out transportation as something I wanted to work on because if we can make trains more efficient then we can reduce the amount of cars, trucks and buses on the road."

Crouchley was inspired by her father's and brother's daily commutes using the New York City railroad. He then did extensive research on Hyperloop and Maglev.

Maglev is an acronym referring to magnetic expansion. It is a train transport system that develops two series of magnets. One set repels the rails and pushes the train, while the other set uses the lack of friction to push the train forward.

“My design can be based on 100% renewables energy, to eliminate the need for a diesel engine or electric motor, which makes the train lighter so it can move faster, ”says Crouchley.

The Hyperloop alternative has won second place at the annual 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The next step is to build a larger model and evaluate its operation mechanism on a large scale.

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