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iOS 13.2: 10 tips for greater security for your device

The iPhones and iPads they are designed to have quite handy and safe products. But with a few modifications, however, you can increase this security of iOS 13.2 without burdening the device with everyday use.

iOS 13.2

  1. The most important security is the password

Proper security of iOS 13.2 starts with a very strong password. If this is something anyone can easily guess, then whatever you do is insignificant. Regardless of whether you use it Face ID or Touch ID to access your iPhone, you still need a password, and the harder the password you use, the better.

  1. Block apps for This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. Bluetooth access

After installing iOS 13.2, you will find many applications like Facebook requesting permission to transmit data via device. You can either allow or deny it, but you can also go to Settings> Privacy> Bluetooth and make changes there.

  1. She's got protection brute-strength

IOS has built-in protection brute-force to prevent an unauthorized user from discovering your passwords.

Go to Settings> Face Recognition & Password (or Authentication & Password on older iPhones), enter your existing password, and scroll down to Delete Data.

After 10 attempts, the encryption key will be deleted and your data will be erased.

iOS 13.2

  1. Make sure IOS automatic updates are enabled

IOS 13.2 has the ability to update itself automatically, which is a great way to make sure your iPhone is fully up to date.

This should be set up automatically, but you can check it in Settings> General> Software Update and make sure Automatic Updates are enabled.

  1. Reduce its duration lock screen

The sooner you adjust its duration lock screen, the faster your password will appear on the screen.

You can change the auto-lock time by going to Settings> Display & Brightness> Auto-lock.

  1. Autofill codes and third-party managers

IOS 13.2 now comes with an auto-fill feature stored on iCloud Keychain along with the ability to log in to third-party applications that need a password like LastPass, Dashlane and 1Password.

You can find this feature in Settings> Passwords and Accounts> Autofill codes.

  1. Check for password reuse

If you use it iCloud Keychain to store internet passwords, you can now use it to check your password reuse.

Go to Settings> Passwords and Accounts> Site and App Passwords and verify your identity with either a face ID / touch ID or your password.

You will see a gray triangle with an exclamation mark next to each reusable entry. To change the password, click Change Password on the Website.

iOS 13.2

  1. The Wi-Fi Tracking is blocked

Until iOS 12, iPhone and iPhone users were able to register iPad via public Wi-Fi hotspots, since the device was automatically plugged in wherever anyone was. This feature is now blocked by iOS 13.2, so you can release it without fear of tracking.

  1. check it location sharing

Another thing you may have noticed after installing iOS 13.2 is that you receive notifications that let you know that apps are using your location data and allow you to allow or prevent it. You can change this by going to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and changing the permissions for your applications.

10. Find your devices

Finally, it has a new application called “Find My”Which lets you see where your friends and family are, share your location, or find a stolen device.

This app has two great features, one being "Enable Offline Finding" that helps you find lost devices that are not connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The other is "Send Last Location", which sends the device location to Apple when the battery is low.


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