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Guido van Rossum: The founder of the "Python" language is retiring

Guido van Rossum, the creator of the extremely popular programming language Python, leaves the file storage company Dropbox cloud and is retiring.

This is the end of a six-year relationship with the company after being hired by 2013.

Guido van Rossum Python

His hiring at Dropbox was very important to the tech company, which has about four million lines of Python code and is a programming language most used for services Back-end and the desktop app.

According to Dropbox, 2011, when van Rossum first met with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, the Dropbox server, and the client desktop were almost exclusively built from Python code.

Today, Dropbox is also based on Go, TypeScript and Rust, as well as the open source Mypy static type checker developed by Dropbox for managing Python code at scale. The Mypy helps developers understand Python codes written by other developers in the past.

Python is now almost 30 years old and is the most widely used programming language in the world as it supports some of the largest applications in the world, namely Instagram..

Guido van Rossum Python

However, as Dropbox notes, when the company grew, the new engineers who came in did not understand the smart code written for them, even though van Rossum trained the company to realize the value of the code.

After that he started working on static checker by Mypy. Guido van Rossum teamed up with Mypy's team at 2015 to help clear Dropbox's massive Python codebase.

It also tried to change the mechanics of Dropbox and Python to make it more useful for women.

Finally, he said it was an amazing experience to be able to see his little one hack can affect the lives of so many people.


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