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Home security Chinese hackers steal "geopolitical" text messages

Chinese hackers steal 'geopolitical' text messages

geopoliticalAccording to a new report published, Chinese hackers (backed by the government) managed to get it access in systems telecommunications companies and steal it content of "geopolitical interest" text messages about Beijing.

Her researchers FireEye they said that the group of Chinese hackers called APT41. Hackers used one malicious software, by name "Messagetap", and gained access to servers a telecommunications provider responsible for sending and storing text messages. However, the researchers did not mention her name company telecommunications violated.

The malicious one software used for detecting the content of text messages. He used to Keywords that were displaying content “Geopolitical interest»For China. In addition, the software searched for specific people's phone numbers from a database.

FireEye researchers did not reveal which countries or individuals were affected by them violations. China has been accused many times of spying on other countries. The USA have openly said that the Chinese company Huawei is a threat to America's national security and that its equipment is being used for espionage. Huawei, for its part, has repeatedly refused to cooperate with the Chinese government.

Some of the keywords used by Chinese hackers to search for this content include names of political leaders, military and secret organizations, and political movements opposed to the Chinese government.

Text messages, containing some of your keywords or theirs numbers phone, were stored and so the hackers gained access to them.

In addition, Chinese hackers gained access to call details and monitored phone numbers as well as the time and duration of calls. The hackers' goals were high-level executives foreign governments, organizations, etc.

Messagetap, the software used by APT41 to steal the content of text messages, shows that the team is constantly developing methods her.

"Access to organizations, such as telecommunications providers, enables Chinese intelligence services to obtain sensitive data on a wide range of important issues," one of them said. researchers. The worry is that hackers could infiltrate any telecommunications company and steal even more data.


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