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Facebook & Instagram: You Can't Hide Your Genes With Emojis!

The Social media and in particular Facebook and Instagram have sexually assimilated fruit and vegetables.

In July, Facebook and Instagram updated her Facebook Community Standards language about permitted sexual expression on social media platforms.

Under new terms - formally approved in September - eggplant or peach coupling emoji any expression of sexual arousal is now described as "Sexual Solicitation". "Sexual Solicitation" can result in a report being removed or removed.


The Facebook Community Standards language is quite broad, without explicitly referring to emojis but refers to "regular" erotic emojis or emoji strings "as criteria designated as" Suggestive Elements ".

"[Content] will be removed from Facebook and Instagram if it contains sexual emoji in addition to an indirect or direct request for nude pictures, sex or sexual partners or sex chat conversations," an Instagram spokesperson told the New York Post.

"We're not just taking action on emojis."


Nude photos where emojis cover genitals, backs or nipples are also officially banned, as well as links or information leading to pornographic or other adult material.

The only sure thing is that these news will bother them porn stars.

A Facebook company spokesman declined to comment on the matter, but declined to answer any questions, but offered this statement: "We often make adjustments to our community standards. We are posting these changes to our Community Standards website so our community is aware. "