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Twitter: Bans political ads against Facebook

AgainstYesterday, the Twitter has announced that will prohibit the publication of political ads in platform of. This move comes in "Against" his policy Facebook, which recently said it will allow policies advertisements, whether they are true or not.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said of his decision: "We believe that the transmission and success of political messages should be won, not bought."

The banning of ads will take effect on 22 November. By November 15, Twitter will be sharing new rules with users. According to Dorsey, there will be some exceptions. For example, voter registration ads will still appear on the platform.

His decision Dorsey comes in against with Mark's policy Zuckerberg, The CEO of Facebook, who recently vigorously defended her policy of his company, stating that it will continue to allow political ads on its platform.

"From a business point of view, it may be easier for us to choose a different path than we take," Zuckerberg said. "Today is definitely a historic moment of social tension and I see its important role company "In a democracy, I do not think it is right for private companies to censor politicians or the news."

Facebook was strongly critical of this attitude. A few days ago, o Zuckerberg he had been discussing with the Financial Services Committee for six hours USA, on a range of topics, including its political advertising policy. According to committee chairman Maxine Waters, Facebook's decision to avoid banning political ads could have negative consequences. The President also said that: “"Facebook's claim to promote freedom of speech is not true."

Dorsey's announcement yesterday showed that Twitter's policy runs counter to Facebook's.

"This is not free speech," Dorsey wrote in a tweet. It concerns the payment for the transmission of political messages.

In addition, Dorsey stated that “political advertising through Internet present new challenges in political discourse: optimizing the exchange of messages through machine learning and targeting specific groups, uncontrollable misleading information, deepfakes ”.

In his tweets, he also mentioned Zuckerberg, who claims that Facebook is working hard to remove the "harmful" content:

"Those who follow us know that we have more than 35.000 people involved with it safety and that our budget for this work is billions of dollars a year. And we will continue to invest more in this area. "

Dorsey, however, argued that accepting cash for political ads runs counter to efforts to tackle the problem of 'harmful' content.

"We can't say: We work hard to prevent people from spreading deceit information, BUT if someone pays us to target and force people to see his political advertising; ok… he can say whatever he wants ".

Will the fight between Twitter and Facebook continue? Will Zuckerberg respond to Dorsey's accusations?

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